“You must have plenty money now you’ve written a book”

Someone said this exact thing, with no trace of humour on their face, today: allow me to retort m’lady.

I spent 100s of hours writing my full length novel.

Ive spent dozens more formatting and editing and promoting and marketing said book.

So far, I’ve shifted just short of 1000 downloads of my book..

Most of them we’re on free promo.

Ive had 15 reviews, all positive, all made me incredibly happy and glad I’d took on this huge and imposing task.

In total I’ve made precisely Β£32.50 for all the effort put in. I’m chuffed with that. Will get a very nice, posh bottle of red with it.

Believe me, my motivation in writing these books and the next is far from financial. But, if I had to explain it, you’d never understand.



2 thoughts on ““You must have plenty money now you’ve written a book”

  1. Mark,

    This post made me laugh! Whether you’ve sold thousands of books or not I am sure you’re still in the 60 day waiting period of your Amazon cheque (I read it takes 60 days somewhere) so you wouldn’t be swimming in that cash yet LOL! I love how people have this perspective on writer’s. I was working as a freelance editor and had a relative who couldn’t believe how early I woke up each day to complete my duties. His answer “Why not just do it while the twins nap?” Yes, that’s right anyone can be successful on one hour’s work right?!? I think unless you’re a writer or really pay attention to the hard work in which the writer’s you know put in, you’ll never understand how much hard work it really takes. And yes, I agree that moment when your book is published is something only writers can understand. It’s a feeling I am so anxious to experience πŸ™‚

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