Nae’body’s Hero – Update

So far writing this book has been a very different experience to writing Bobby’s Boy. It was much easier having just one character’s point of view to convey.

It’s proving a challenge to effectively think like three different people; to enter the minds of my three main characters each of whom are so very different to each other and to me. So far it’s been fun stretching myself and my writing is most definitely improving with the new experience.

In many ways it’s much more fun being more than one person in type.

The main drawback at the moment is that I’m being sucked into the character’s minds a bit too much. I’m getting a bit obsessive and thinking constantly day and night about the story and the people and about moving both forward.

It’s a weird thing entering a fictional character’s mindset, thinking like they do, writing it down and then switching to two other people.

Kind of carrying three other people around in my head at the moment everywhere I go.

Good fun, despite the potential for split personality disorder.

So far I’ve introduced my three main characters and am now beginning to shape their personalities to prepare for and move them to where they meet.


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