Book Review- Weegie Tarot By Colette Brown

Weegie Tarot? C’mon.
Never been a fan of Weegie-isms or Tarot.
I find that programmes like Rab C Nesbitt and films like The Angel’s Share are invariably written by some middle-class writer sitting quaffing £150 bottles of wine and reminiscing or romanticising about “the Glesgae beanter” represented on screen as a dumbed-down “We’re one of ye” ode to a section of society which I’m sure seems funny in its harshness and hardness to the wine-quaffer but is scandalously misrepresented. I’ve always hated the “Mary-doll” on camera, Morningside off approach of the “we’re just like you”, even though we’re mocking you brigade.
Also, I have no interest at all in fortune-telling, Tarot or any other mystical stuff.

Thus I was a bit sceptical of a book titled Weegie Tarot. The only reason I read this book is because the author and I chat from time to time on social networks and she’s a lovely woman.

Thankfully Colette’s warmth, wit, love of the people and intelligence are demonstrated wonderfully in this book. Colette has dragged up old memories and new ideas and painted pictures of them with such wonderfully descriptive words, effortlessly melding a very real sense of Glasgow and its people with the world of Tarot. She uses her words skilfully and concisely, poking fun at, showing the strength and the weaknesses of; but always displaying the warmth and heart of her characters.

Colette has managed to avoid the usual Scottish-isms that usually annoy me in Scottish books. She’s kept her narrative Scottish in tone, without alienating her non-Scottish readers. This is not easy to pull off, just ask Irvine Welsh.

I read this in one sitting and I suppose the best thing I can say is that I loved it, and I think other people should read it; Scottish or not, Mystical or not; you won’t regret it.

Looking forward to other fictional offerings from Colette in future.

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