Haggis Cures Depression?

It’s felt like depression’s reared its ugly head once more this last couple Of weeks. Wanting to cry, knackered all the time and feeling like nothing’s being accomplished. Futility with no exit.

On this occasion, though it’s just the all consuming, in a bubble, exhaustion of having a newborn at home.

Add in work being particularly hard at the moment and publishing a book this week, and you have a perfect storm of fatigue that makes you nod off mid-conversation.

Being a new parent again is not unlike deepest depression but one big gummy smile lifts your heart more than a good dose of citalopram ever could.

Tonight a wee haggis, neeps and tatties dinner on Burn’s Night made me feel very happy, warm and happy with my lot in life.

Happy Burns Night.

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3 thoughts on “Haggis Cures Depression?

  1. I’m right there with you on the curative properties of haggis and neeps, Mark. It’s very hard to get edible haggis in the US, especially here in Southern Maryland, so we have to wait for a visit back to the old country to experience its delights.
    The challenges of newborns are a distant memory for us (although we do now have grandchildren so get a reminder every now and then), but still vivid enough for me to have some appreciation of the difficulties you face. However, I simply can’t imagine what it’s like having the extra burden of your mental health to deal with. My admiration is all-embracing.
    By the way, Juli and I still have a flat in Leith (and may well return there some day), so you and I share the Edinburgh connection. I also taught in Fife for many years, at Kirkcaldy High School and Kirkland School in Methil.

    • Thanks for
      Your kind words, Stuart. It does sound like we’ve a lot of crossover points in our respective lives. By all means, if you find yourself in Edinburgh look me up and we’ll get a pint.

      All the best, sir

  2. Mark,

    just came across your page – not familiar with your full story but have a good idea – how did you recover from depression? I cant and I am trying – seem to be getting worse. Cathal, Ireland

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