Somebody’s Hero – Writing process and Cast List

I began work on the follow-up to Naebody’s Hero a few weeks ago.

Having now completed the planning and research phase of the new book, Somebody’s Hero, I’m moving into the writing phase. This normally lasts around 90 days for me. 90 days of writing when everyone’s asleep, during spare moments on the train, in coffee shops, during my lunch break or in the early hours.

I’ve learned to be very productive in very little time (1000 words a day is my target. I never fall below this and frequently exceed it) and to write by instinct. There’s always time to rewrite later.

I’m not the sort of writer who plans out every chapter. I have a beginning, middle and end (sort of) in mind and I take the book a chapter at a time and see where the characters go. This is the only way that I can write and helps put an unpredictability into the story as I don’t know what’s going to happen until it does.

Plenty of writers have much more detailed plans for writing their novels, using percentages and mechanisms etc, but this is the most natural way for me to write.

Here’s to 90 days of torment and fun.

Here’s an early cast list from Somebody’s Hero:

Somebody’s Hero (SH)

Dramatis Personae:

Frank McCallum Jr – Born in 1952, joined the Marines at 18 and MI5 at 21. Currently on loan to SvetlaTorrossian-Vasquez, at the American National Security Unit (NSU). In SH Frank Jr is 49 years old.

Arif Ali – Former al-Qaeda recruit, current British Intelligence asset. Born in 1983; In SH Arif is 18 years old.

Svetla Torrossian-Vasquez
– Head of NSU, an American Intelligence agency which oversees all others. In SH, Svetla is 49 years old.

Robert Hamilton – Hero. Born in 1973. In SH Rob is 28.

Frank McCallum Sr – Retired Marine and British Intelligence legend. Born in 1930, joined Marines at 17 in 1947, joined MI5 at 20. In SH Frank is 71.

Mike O’Donnell
– Born 1962, Joined the CIA at 25, joined Homeland Security at 30. In SH Mike is 39 years old.

Kim Baker – Retired head of CTA. Born 1944; In SH Kim is 57 years old.

Jack Foley – Head of CTA, Kim’s Successor in the position. In SH, Foley is 50 years old.

Naebody’s Hero is on special offer at 77p in the UK and 99c in the US until the end of April 2013.


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