Behind The 8-Ball – Review. 

Behind the 8-Ball is easily one of my favourite books this year. Furchtenicht has always had such skill as a writer that he’s easily capable of creating complex characters and grinding them through the mill, slowly peeling away layers of their personalities, virtues and vices. 

As in life, No character is unsullied in a Furchtenicht novel. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus to be seen. Instead Furchtenich’s world and its people display convincingly real motivations and evoke too-real emotions in the reader. 

I’ve been a massive fan of Craig’s work since I picked up Dimebag Bandits a few years back and cursed myself that I hadn’t written a work as fresh and biting as said book. 

Craig’s consistency, skill and creative innovation places him alongside Ryan Bracha as my favourite and the finest of Indie-writers working either side of the Atlantic at present. 

A great follow-up to Dimebag Bandits and another novel for Furchtenich to be proud of and the rest of us to admire. 

You can find Craig and his books at Amazon US and UK

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