Book Review – Tears in Tripoli by Paul A Rice

After reading Parallel – The Awakening by Paul A Rice, I really didn’t see how he could top the book. I had my reservations also when I noticed the tagline to Tears in Tripoli “A Jake Collins Novel” thinking “Oh Christ, not another book written and intended as a series.” I always find books written as a trilogy (or whatever) short of pace, character development and any real action; the authors seem to hold back on their initial books to save the really big scenes and reveals for the last act.

I’m glad to say, once more, that Paul has surprised and delighted me with the standard of his writing. This annoyingly talented writer has taken everything that made Parallel great, the dialogue, the pace, great characterisation, really engaging and descriptive action scenes, and most of all a heart at its core, and amped them all for this book. Jake Collins is a hero in every sense of the word. Flawed and weak; strong and determined. A fighter in every sense of the word.

In the past I’ve avoided this genre like the plague, but after following Paul’s work for two books now, I’m a convert. When the writing’s this good, there’s no avoiding genre outside your comfort zone. Paul has plenty left to offer in terms of stories for JC and at the rate this guy’s writing is progressing the next book is shaping up to be something a little bit more special again…

How annoying is that?