Book Review – The Other Side by Terry Tyler

Well.To say that this book was a surprise to me is a massive understatement. In all honesty I almost never read this genre of book and rarely read female authors, (Anne Rice and Herper Lee aside..)a sad state of affairs I know. In this case though, I pulled on my big-boy pants and indulged my feminine side a wee bit for two reasons.

Firstly, I have the odd tweet and FB chat with Terry and she’s braw. Secondly, I liked the Sliding Doors/alternate reality/ mess about with time feel the blurb conveyed (I’m a sucker for stories with what ifs and weird running order.

With The Other Side I got way more than I expected. Well fleshed-out characters who properly developed (in reverse?) as their stories were revealed and interwoven at the skill-full hands of Terry. How she kept this story straight in her head whilst producing it is testament to her creativity, her patience and her logistic talents.

Each character was believable and engaging for me, which I find isn’t always the case for many authors who can barrel through pre-set story markers and forget to realistically describe how their characters change from state A to state B.

Off the back off Terry’s book I’ll be exploring more of her back catalogue and will welcome the new books at my disposal now I’ve broken through the “female authors don’t entertain me” mental block.

Simply; if you like clever, flowing, funny and very human story-telling, in any genre this book will surprise and entertain you as it did me. Give it a go.