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The startling new thriller from the author of the Lanarkshire Strays series.

In a world where few fertile men remain and sperm is the most valuable commodity on the planet, is blood really thicker than water?

The Man Who Sold His Son is a dark look into the future and an uncompromising glimpse at what being a family really means.

The Lanarkshire Strays Series connects characters and stories from Lanarkshire. All books are standalone stories.

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 Buy dEaDINBURGH now, Amazon, US and Amazon, UK

Praise for dEaDINBURGH:
“dEaDINBURGH is an intriguing read, and a breathtakingly assured and fearless foray into YA writing by an author who literally takes it up a gear with every new release he unleashes into the world.”- Ryan Bracha, author of Tomorrow’s Chip Paper and Paul Carter is a Dead Man.
Edinburgh, 1645:
The bubonic plague rages. In a desperate attempt to quarantine the infected, the city leaders seal the residents of Mary King’s Close in their underground homes.

Mary King’s Close is reopened, unleashing a mutated plague upon the city residents.
The UK government seals the entire city. Declaring it a dead zone they seal the survivors inside alongside the infected. dEaDINBURGH is declared a no man’s land, its residents left for dead and to the dead.

Joseph MacLeod, born onto the cobbles of the Royal Mile and stolen from the clutches of the infected is determined to escape the quarantined city. Under the guidance of former –marine Padre Jock, he leaves the confines of the city centre and hones his archery and free-running skills.
Alys Shephard, born into an all-women farming community believes a cure lies in the south of the quarantined zone. The finest combatant in the dead city, Alys burns with anger. The anger of an abandoned child.

Something much worse than the infected waits for them in the south, in the form of a religious cult led by a madman named Somna who collects gruesome trophies and worships the dead body of a former celebrity. Added to this, the enigmatic Bracha, a supreme survivalist and sadistic former-Royal with his own agenda stalks the teenagers.

A self-contained story, dEaDINBURGH is a character-driven Dystopian/Horror novel, exploring the human capacity for good, evil and for survival. Inspired by George A Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’, the works of Robert Kirkman and Jonahan Maberry’s ‘Rot and Ruin’ series.
What the Readers say:
“Wilson has created a story of horror, yes, definitely, but it’s also one of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and intrigue with a good dash of humour.”

“Throughout this novel, the reader is given tantalising pieces of information which ratchets up the tension.”

“The plot had me screaming out loud, normally I see the plot coming from a mile away. Boy, this one had me surprised.”

“For a book that’s considered young adult, I found it very realistic, harsh, and mature in its themes of friendship, survival and family. There is no fluff in this story. Oh, and did I mention the twist at the end? Never saw that coming.”

“I think I liked this better than Rot and Ruin…just don’t tell Jonathan Mayberry.”

“This book for me was more than just another zombie story it was a story of how humankind adapts and changes in order to survive.”




 Available now, Amazon, US and Amazon, UK

The #1 Bestseller from the author of the Lanarkshire Strays series.


Abandoned by his parents as a child, Rob Hamilton has developed an unshakeable sense of right and wrong. He also has some very special gifts. If he can stop hiding from them and get his life together he may just be the greatest hero the world will never know.

Arif Ali is an English teenager from Battersea, London who is now living and studying in Pakistan. Arif is about to become a prized asset of Al-Qaeda. He and Rob will form an unlikely friendship that will alter one of the most notorious days in American history.

Kim is an American intelligence agent from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She heads up the agency’s anti-terrorist response, is an obsessive workaholic and is relentless in the pursuit of justice. Kim could be the worst enemy the friends have, or their greatest ally.

Set in Scotland, England, Pakistan, Afghanistan, France and the United States; Naebody’s Hero is a fast-paced global thriller spanning four decades, reaching its climax on one horrific day in September, 2001.

The Lanarkshire Strays Series connects characters and stories from Lanarkshire. All books are standalone stories.
Praise for Naebody’s Hero

“Entertaining and readable, Naebody’s Hero is ambitious in its scope and subject matter.” – Jen Bowden, Dunfermline Press
“Wilson may be a new author but it does not show in his work. The level produced is so high the reader has to remind themselves it is actually a work of fiction.”- Bookshelf
“Naebody’s Hero is an international thriller. Wilson cleverly blends three storylines over some thirty odd years and several continents, leading to its climax on 9/11.”- Keith Nixon, author of The Fix

“This novel is akin to a big budget blockbuster movie, but with a strong conscience, and a big heart which beats throughout. In a cinematic sense, it’s like Michael Moore was given Michael Bay’s budget and did something worthy with it. Recommended reading, without a doubt.” – Ryan Bracha, author of Strangers are Just Friends You Haven’t Killed Yet

What the readers say:

“Mark takes time to introduce you to the people in his mind; he takes time to show the strengths and weaknesses but most of all he shows a love for writing.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The first I have read from this author, but it certainly won’t be my last. An exciting story with a lot of warmth and just the right blend of fact and fiction. Superb !”

“The story of Rob Hamilton and the people he meets and gets to know is an exceptionally crafted story with so many layers. I found myself pulled into the story from the first page and stayed interested to the last page.”

“I consumed this riveting story in big chunks over a few days because i couldn’t put it down and just had to know what happened next! No spoilers or plot analyses here if you are looking for a good fun ride over a wet weekend or a long journey this is perfect.”

“As the characters evolve and the story builds you will find yourself reading this at every opportunity until you reach the end. The descriptions are so vivid you can really put yourself into each scene and see what is unfolding and feel as if you were there. I really can’t wait until they make a film of this book and see it on the big screen.”

“Finally got around to reading this book in the Easter holidays. Was a bit sceptical about the initial storyline but after a few pages I was hooked. I felt that Mark made an unbelievable storyline somehow believable and possible. Enjoyed this to the point that the kids had to fend for themselves for a few hours! I’ve not yet read Bobby’s Boy but am looking forward to doing so. An excellent read. ”

The Lanarkshire Strays Series connects characters and stories from Lanarkshire. All books are standalone stories.

Available now, Amazon, US and Amazon, UK




Buy Bobby’s Boy now on Amazon: UK or US:

Gritty, Fast-Paced, Character-Driven Fiction. A coming of age story for the dysfunctional generation.

Orphan, son, brother, friend, husband, father, workaholic, alcoholic, music journalist and occasional hero, Tom Kinsella. The greatest rock band in the world. A really nice pair of Converse All-Stars.

Set in the 1970s through to the early twenty-first century and in Paris, London, LA, New York and Bellshill, Bobby’s Boy is the tale of one young man’s determination to rise above loss and tragedy to build a successful life for himself.

The Lanarkshire Strays Series connects characters and stories from Lanarkshire. All books are standalone stories.

What the readers say:

“Mark Wilson has done a fantastic job with his debut novel. You feel like you are with Tom on this rollercoaster ride through the ups and the downs. You will laugh, you will cry, you will not want to put this book down. I was gripped from start to finish with a few twists and turns along the way. I cannot wait to read the next installment from this very talented writer. ” – Lynne B

“Mark writes with feeling and imagination with a few twists along the way” – JLD

” I couldn’t put the book down and through tears of joy and heartbreak I carried on reading.” – Kim

Buy Bobby’s Boy now on Amazon: UK or US:

Buy Head Boy now on Amazon: US or UK


A twisted novella from the author of The Lanarkshire Strays series.

It’s not easy being Head Boy.

Follow Davie Diller for seven days as he navigates his way through his turbulent life. A scheming bastard in and out of school, Diller screws, drinks, snorts, cons and kills his way through the Lanarkshire underworld and attempts to survive the attention of his local drug-lord, Hondo, who’s less than impressed by Diller’s growing debt and status; He’s also having a busy week at school.

A brutal and wickedly funny novella inspired by The Prodigy’s ‘Smack my Bitch Up’ music video and by John Niven’s ‘Kill your Friends’.

The Lanarkshire Strays Series connects characters and stories from Lanarkshire. All books are standalone stories.

Praise for Head Boy:

“His Diller creation is in equal measures compulsive and repulsive.” –  Ryan Bracha, author of Tomorrow’s Chip Paper and Paul Carter is a Dead Man.

“The main character pulls off the ultimate deception that even the most observant reader does not fully comprehend until the very end.” – Craig Furchtenicht, author of Dimestore Bandits.

“The language is strong and the violence is sickening yet it all blends together to be yet another triumph from the author who is maturing with every book. Simply stunning!” – Colette Brown, author of Maybe The Universe Just Isn’t That Into You!

What the Readers say:

“Very different from the previous Mark Wilson books. Gruesome and gripping story, but still has that trademark underlying Lanarkshire humour – couldn’t put it down. A fantastic read.”

“Davie Diller is an emotionally inept young man and a scary bastard. I think I quite fancy him! I was particularly pleased to see PTSD feature in the novel and be handled in a respectful and realistic manner.”

Buy Head Boy now on Amazon: US or UK



Buy the Lanarkshire Strays collection now, Amazon, US and UK

Four stray bullets from Mark Wilson.

An orphan, a sociopath, a devoted father, and a gifted intelligence agent. Four men. Four novels. One hometown.

The Lanarkshire Strays Series connects characters and stories from Lanarkshire. All books are standalone stories.

This collected edition contains four novels:

Bobby’s Boy
Naebody’s Hero
Head Boy
The Man Who Sold His Son.

Buy the Lanarkshire Strays collection now, Amazon, US and UK


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